About Us

Set up in 2007, Indra Gopal High School, run and managed by Indra Gopal Educational Trust, is a Co-Ed, English Medium High School, recognised by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. In fact, it is only a dream of Mr. B.Jha, the visionary Trustee, come true. For long he thought of serving the society by establishing a School and running it, following the syllabus of WBBSE.

The eye-catching School Building, is quite spacious and open to sunshine and air. To add to other facilities for the students, it has a fairly large playground in front enclosed by its compound walls. The members of the Staff, selected purely on the basis of merit and requisite qualifications, are all inspired teachers and guide and teach the students with love and tenderness. Each classroom bears up-to-date teaching aids such as modern green boards, white boards, etc. The School library, looked after by a trained librarian, boasts of thousands of titles (books) ranging from fiction, stories, travelogues,  besides different newspapers, magazines etc. For computer education, the school provides a computer lab, having a good number of computers and printers. The responsive management is also planning to upgrade the school to the Higher Secondary Level. We are in the process of digitalizing the entire system.