The Syllabus prescribed by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education is strictly followed. Besides, Terms wise and month wise syllabuses is also provided to the students.


Discipline is an integral part of life. Nothing can be achieved in the absence of discipline, specific code of conduct, good manners and sense of self-respect and respect for others including the class mates, teachers and other co-workers. A disciplinary committee/anti harrassment cell supervises maintenance of day-to-day discipline inside the school. Students are required to abide by the rules and regulations framed by the school in this regard. An incorrigible student will be compelled to be withdrawn from the school, if the Head of the school considers the conduct of the student is detrimental to the interest of the institution. However, corporal punishment is not allowed under any circumstances.


75% attendance is a must as per Board and School rules. In case of illness or other unavoidable circumstances prior information is a must. In case of long illness a Medical Certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner must be submitted. If a student remains absent for more than fifteen days without proper information his/her name will be struck off the attendance register and re-admission fees will be charged to resume his/her study.


This is an important subject which imparts physical training to the boys and girls in order to keep them physically fit, agile and active through Mass P.T., Yogas, Asanas, Pyramid forming etc.


It is a very useful subject which prepares the students to become self dependent in case they fail to get a job. It involves preparation of many useful products which can be a source of income and livelihood. It trains up the students to prepare ink, candles, vaseline, soap, toys, decoration items etc.


Unit wise Examination Schedule appears in the Syllabus Booklet which is provided to the pupils at the beginning of the Session.


Parent – Teacher meet is convened from time to time for exchange of views regarding the performance and progress of their wards. This meet has brought a miraculous change in creating a cordial relationship between the teachers and the parents / guardians.


  • Lemon cream colour shirt, dark brown line skirt School tie and belt, black polished shoes with dark brown socks.
  • Tie and belt will be supplied at the School Counter which should be used compulsorily with the school uniform.
  • Lemon cream colour shirt, dark brown trouser, School tie and belt, black polished shoes with dark brown socks.
P. T. UNIFORM (Classes I – X)
  • White skirt and T-shirt of the respective house colours with white socks & keds.
  • White Trouser and T-Shirt of the respective house colours with white socks & keds.

According to the houses, Students must wear their P.T. Uniform.
There are four houses with different colours:
  1. Gandhi House Yellow
  2. Netaji House Red
  3. Tagore House Green
  4. Teresa House Blue
  • Dark brown sweater with school monogram.
  • Dark brown sweater with school monogram and stockings.




Every student has to carry an Identity Card duly counter – signed by the Head with the recent passport size photograph of the pupil. Escort card will facilitate the escort to receive the child, after school hours quickly, safely and smoothly. In higher classes this card is useful in many other ways also.


Withdrawal of a pupil from the School will have to be made with an application. T.C. will be issued seven days after the submission of an application and clearance of all dues. If the countersigned T.C. (Signed by DIOS) is required, it can be issued after fifteen working days from the date of application.


If the Administrative Authority of the School is not satisfied with the conduct of a pupil the guardians will be compelled to withdraw their wards. Expulsion may be unavoidable for any of the following reasons :-

  • Misconduct and Moral Turpitude.
  • Non-payment of tuition fees for three consecutive months.
  • Violation of school rules and regulations either by the pupils or the guardians.


Besides annual session-charges and examination fees (whenever necessary), students have to pay regular monthly tuition fees and development fees, if any, by the 15th day of the current month.
  • Fees will be variable in subsequent years.
  • Tuition-fees will be accepted at the school counter between 10.30 a.m. & 02.00 p.m. on all working days.
  • Two months fees will be charged in the month preceding the Summer Vacation and Durga Puja Vacation. Defaulters will be charged a fine of Rs.10/- after the 15th day of the current month.
  • Names will be struck off the Attendance Register in case of non-payment of fees for more than three months. Re-admission is possible only after the clearance of all the dues. The examination Fees is to be paid before the start of each examination. Admit cards will be issued only after the payment of Examination Fees and other dues, if any.
  • Pay online and avoid cash payment.