School Uniform    :
For Boys :

Lemon cream colour shirt, dark brown trouser and tie, black polished shoes with dark brown socks.

For Girls :

Lemon cream colour shirt, dark brown line skirt and tie, black polished shoes  with dark brown shoes.

NOTE :  Tie and belt will be supplied by the School Counter which should be used compulsorily with the school uniform.

P.T. Dress    (Uniform)

White trousers and lemon-yellow T-Shirts with school monogram.


Divided white skirts and purple T. Shirts with school monogram.

 Winter Uniform

Dark brown sweater and trousers with school monogram.


Dark brown sweater and stockings with school monogram.


 Student Identity Card

Each and every student has to carry an Identity Card duly counter – signed by the Head with the latest passport size photograph of the pupil. This card will facilitate the escort to release the child, after the break-up, quickly, safely and  smoothly.  In higher classes this card is useful in many other ways also.