We at Indra Gopal High School celebrated the orientation week from 19.12.2019  to 24.12.2019  and 26.12.2019 . We celebrated each day with a different colour . There  were colours such as yellow ,green ,orange, red and blue . The first day we had yellow day in which there was a paper crumbling activity . The kids got a smiley ball and some toffees. The second day we had green day in which there was a leaf pasting activity . The kids got a green balloons and some toffees. The third day day we had orange day in which there was thumb printing activity and the kids got oranges. The fourth day we had red day in which they did tearing and pasting activity the kids got red santa caps. The fifth day we had blue day in which there was palm printing activity . The kids got mask ,caps and toffees. In these five days they learnt colours, how to interact with each other and not forgetting they learnt to come to school and learnt to interact with each other.