School Profile

The school was set up in 2007, run and managed by Indra Gopal Education Trust, is a Co-ed, English Medium High School, recognized by West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. In fact, it is only a dream of Mr. B.Jha, the trustee, come true. Long he thought to serve the society by establishing a

Mission & Vision

“Come to learn and go to serve”.  Help to spread noble education in the society. Give chance and co-operative hand to change a lump of wet soil into a wise and perfect citizen. Don’t dream in sleep at night, dream during the day time when you are wide awake.  Co-operate to light the candle of…

Our Objective

Awakening the sleeping giant of possibility in your ward.
Instilling into your ward’s curious mind a desire how to grow into an accomplished personality and an ideal citizen through good habits, moral values, perseverance,